Competitive Dueling

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Competitive dueling was a wished feature by Luc, who believe the TWC community could benefit from a more competitive version of normal dueling. The system would work via a series of brackets in which the player would be placed into different ranks depending on how successful they were at dueling other players. Rotem complied with Luc's ideas and made his wish a reality.

On March 1st, 2015, Luc and Skystone released the TWC Competitive Update video in order to build up some hype for the upcoming release of this new dueling mode as well as inform players as to why they should pay attention to the new mode. [1]

On March 6th, 2015, Competitive Dueling was official! With it, players were able to rank up and receive new titles and gear depending on what rank they were on.

On May 18th, 2015, competitive dueling season 1 ended. With it, Rotem changed the entire ranking system to be more fair and gave the top three players in season 1 a trophy, a unique title, gold, and a unique item the player chose. This then marked the beginning of the mini season 1.5, which is a shorter version of a season, but just as competitive.


Rankings revolve around how many wins and losses that occur during your dueling season.

Players who strive to achieve in competitive dueling will receive ranks as well as lucky drops from time to time.

Here is the known information as to all the ranks and what drops they give.

Unranked - This player has yet to be ranked. Play 10 matches and the player's account will be ranked accordingly.
Novice - Drops titles.
Apprentice - Drops titles.
Sorcerer - Drops dueling set.
Wizard -
Battlewizard -
Archwizard -
Master -
Grandmaster -
Champion -