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JoinedMay, 2010
HouseSlytherin (2010-2012)
Ravenclaw (2013-2013)
Slytherin (2013 -)
Known TrainersNatwolfy

Dazzler is a Fair Wizard and a Syltherin House student, who began wizardry in May 2010. Dazzler has a close combat style, mixed in with the box, making him a difficult opponent. Dazzler was also the founder of "TWC Cards" which are now used on the Wiki for the player profiles.


Dazzler joined TWC in May 2010 as a Slytherin student. He found out about TWC by stumbling upon a video on YouTube which Dazzler loved. Once he joined, he quickly began annoying people. The community, however, was always kind and fair with Dazzler.

"Deatheaters Junior"

After playing for about three weeks, he managed to persuade Kole to join TWC. They then accidentally stumbled upon the Death Eater Headquarters which, evidently, made them meet their first Death Eater (who they now know as a friend). The Death Eater found them annoying and killed them. Instead of taking this as a threat, they took it as encouragement to join the Death Eaters. As such, they made a clan called "Death Eaters Junior" and recruited a fellow new player, Markus. The leader, Dazzler, decided the best way to get the Death Eaters attention - and get invited - was to have a party in their base. It didn't work out as intended. Dazzler then sought out training; and came across a player called Natwolfy who trained him for about a week. Natwolfy then passed him onto Julian who has been his trainer ever since.

The Aurors

Dazzler was then offered by Julian to join the Auror clan. Julian then revealed that he was the Co-Head Auror. Dazzler was so loyal to Julian that he abandoned his clan and joined the Aurors during Ezekiel's rein. While Dazzler was in the Aurors he befriended Ouch, Walleye, Avery, Ezekiel, Riku and Kyo. Over the years of which Dazzler has played he was in and out the Aurors on a regular basis, It was only until December that he became an Auror again. At the beginning of March Dazzler was made the Head Auror, succeeding the previous Head Auror; Leah. Upon taking over the Aurors he made a few redundancies which left his numbers rather thin, with the help of some close friends and some of his clansmen he managed to thicken up his numbers with suitable Aurors



Dazzler and Kole had an extremely strong bond due to them growing up together, Dazzler then also grew strong bonds with a lot of players such as; Julian, Markus, PickleJarz, Skystone, Lex, Jenford, Amber, DuhCosmicApple and many more.


Dazzler didn't gain many rivals in his starting days - the game was more about fun and being a clown. However when he began to be trained by Natwolfy he had a training partner called BioHaZard who he saw as a rival and someone he must become better than. Dazzler later gained even more rivals, such as; Kyo, Ezekiel, Riku, Odd Future and much more. Due to him becoming an Auror he set his targets of who he wanted to be better then and accomplished most of them before he started his quitting series.


Dazzler trained his long-life friend Kole. He occasionally give advice and slight training to people however nothing to major.