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The Wizards' Chronicles
Developer(s)Murrawhip, Ragnarok HGM, Anderwolfe, Rotem/Banana
Release Date(s)2005
Genre(s)Fantasy RPG


The Wizards' Chronicles is a 2D BYOND platform game. Controls for the game are executed by using the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is used for many functions, primarily the arrow keys for movement. Macros can also be set on any key, these are usually used for spells by players. Unlike most MMORPGs, you learn your spells and skills from Professors being played by real people. These Professors hold classes every week and players have the option to attend and learn a new spell while also earning points for their house.


All players on TWC attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During character creation you are given the option of which house to choose; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Each house has its own common room, a lounge area where only members of the house can enter. The majority of the players spend most of their time in Hogwarts attending classes, conversing with other players and reading books to level up. Every month a House Cup ceremony is held in the Great Hall, the house that accumulates the most house points wins and receives +25% droprate/gold/XP gained from monster kills for the next month.


As a new character in TWC you begin at level 1, you're vulnerable to just about any monster or player in the game. Players level up in TWC to get higher stats and grow as a Wizard or Witch. The higher the stats the better chance you have at staying alive during battle with friends and foes alike. There is two main ways to level up in TWC, reading books and killing monsters. Reading books is done by reading a book appropriate to your character's level and gaining experience for every action. Killing monsters is a little more exciting and involves using spells and movement to take out the enemy. Experience is gained every time a monster is killed and you will gain a stat point every level up. Once a character reaches level 800 (the current level cap), you will start earning ranks. Earning a new rank will give the player a random chest (a guaranteed golden chest for every 4 rank-ups), and a new icon that will be displayed on the who.

Stat points allow you to add more points to one stat: Defense(Hit Points), Mana Points, and Damage. This allows players to jack up their stat points while leveling their character to become even more deadly in battle.

There is currently a level cap of 800.

Spells and Classes

There are over 70 spells in The Wizards Chronicles, most of which can be learned in class. Hogwarts classes are divided up into 5 main subjects:

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Transfiguration
  • Charms
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • General Course of Magic

Each class is taught by at least one professor and teaches specific spells in their subject. GCOM is usually taught by an Administrator or above staff member who covers all player learned spells. Spells serve many different purposes, some are for fun, some are for spying, transportation, hiding and of course some are for dueling.

As of February 13th 2015 there are now automatic class events which are taught by an NPC.


The Wizards' Chronicles is an intensive PvP (Player vs. Player) oriented game. At some point in your wizarding career, you will need to learn how to duel to survive outside of Hogwarts. Dueling consists of using projectiles and other damage spells in efforts to "knockout" your opponent and remain standing. There are now three main different types of dueling. Mat dueling, normal dueling, and the new competitive dueling. Mat dueling consists of fighting your opponent on a 3x9 mat normally using projectile spells and depulso only. Normal dueling is dueling anywhere outside of the Mat. During normal dueling usually there is no rules and just about anything goes, unless you're in a fighting event (ie: House Wars).


There are two official clans in The Wizards' Chronicles, the Aurors and the Death Eaters. Both clans are required to adhere to the clan rules listed here. By general knowledge, the Death Eaters job is to terrorize the students and kill as many people as possible, the Aurors job is to protect the students and keep the Death Eaters at bay. The two clans are player ran and organized, and recruit players in their own fashion. In the past there were more than two official clans on TWC.

As of update 16.47 (released on 26th December 2015) a reputation system was added to clans.

Wiki List

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